OL 2450.01 Integrating Open Educational Resources into Your Course, Feb2024

  • 02/05/2024 - 03/04/2024

OL2450 provides participants with the tools, resources, and background knowledge needed to integrate open educational resources (OER) and open pedagogy practices into their courses. In this instructor-led course you will articulate the values and strengths of open education, navigate OER repositories in order to identify materials you can integrate into your course, reflect on open pedagogical practices, and connect with Penn State open education support and resources

Course Objectives

After taking this course, you should be able to do the following:

  • Advocate for or explain the integration of and impact of OER use.
  • Distinguish between the types of resources by license and format that can meet the goals of being affordable, customizable, free and open
  • Explore open question banks, textbooks, and software.
  • Explore open repositories where participants may find OER and other materials to integrate into their course.
  • Investigate pedagogical methods, such as open pedagogy, to increase student engagement.
  • Find support for OER, OA, open data, open research, open science, copyright, scholarly communication, and instructional design at Open at PSU.
  • Number: OL 2450.01
  • Category:
  • Mode: Instructor Led
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Time Commitment: 2-5 hours/week