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Faculty Development for Outreach and Online Education at Penn State supports online faculty at key stages of their careers in order to impact student success. Our mission is to help faculty who teach through the World Campus to become effective online instructors. When faculty succeed online, we know that our students benefit from the best Penn State has to offer.

Dr. Craig Weidemann, Vice President for Outreach, Vice Provost for Online Education on the mission of World Campus and its role in online education at Penn State.

The World Campus is a very critical component to the academic enterprise of Penn State. Penn State’s been involved in distance education for a long, long time. And in fact, we were one of the first institutions engaged in real time delivery over 100 years ago introducing the first correspondence courses.

Now, with the World Campus in 1998, we moved to the internet. And back then it was a 56K modem that was the delivery for the World Campus courses. So you might imagine it was pretty tough sometimes for students participating. Well, now, with broadband, it’s such a tremendous opportunity for us to bring Penn State’s expertise through our great faculty and our academic programs to students anytime, anywhere.

What the World Campus does for Penn State, it helps us provide our education to those students, adult students, who have life demands and can’t come to campus on a regular basis. Whether you’re a busy single parent up in Tioga County or active military stationed anywhere in the world, we can provide a rich Penn State experience for you.

Now what the World Campus brings to Penn State is not only an ability to reach students at a distance, but also innovation around pedagogy, around learning. And that’s where you faculty help make that happen. The World Campus has really been a place for innovation relative to bringing in educational technologies and innovative instruction design to help students succeed and learn. This history of reaching students at a distance and also bringing innovation to the learning enterprise is part of World Campus’s legacy, but it’s also a key part of our future.

Now, in the future, I think it’s even more promising. The World Campus is growing significantly and will continue to grow. It may one day be the largest campus at Penn State. And more importantly, it’s going to continue to bring new ways for students to learn and for students to succeed.