OL 2200: Assessment of Online Learners

  • 11/01/2021 - 11/29/2021

OL 2200 delves deeper into the topic of assessment and allows you to create various types of assessments, including typical objective tests and quizzes, but also authentic and performance-based assessments. The course covers basics such as what an assessment is, how it is differentiated from grading and evaluation, and how assessments must be varied and aligned with different levels of learning identified in Bloom’s Taxonomy. We will also introduce you to a new taxonomy, Taxonomy for Significant Learning, dealing with learning that goes beyond the types of learning covered in Bloom’s Taxonomy. In this course, we stress the ongoing nature of assessment evidenced in Classroom Assessment Techniques and summative assessments in Learning Assessment Techniques and their alignment with course objectives and course outcomes.

After completing OL 2200, instructors will have a framework for:

  • engaging students in ongoing assessment activities to improve learning outcomes
  • varying assessment strategies to more accurately evaluate learning
  • using assessment data to improve teaching and learning
  • leveraging technology to assess and promote learning
  • Number: 2200
  • Category: Instructional Practice
  • Mode: Instructor-led
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Time Commitment: 3–5 hours/week