OL 2150: Canvas Hands-On

  • 07/04/2017 - 07/08/2017

OL 2150 is a facilitated course that will provide you with hands-on opportunities to use what you learn in the Canvas environment, in both the teacher and student roles. The course provides more in-depth skill building and activities with Canvas.

The content is drawn from the Penn State Canvas Learning Center, the Canvas Guides, and the modules in this course. As you proceed through each module, you will complete hands-on activities to show proficiency in each content area. You will be provided with both instruction and additional resources for each activity. Depending on your needs for this course, you may wish to:

  • take the quick route, utilizing instruction and resources as needed and spending most of your time in the activities
  • spend a little more time exploring resources, trying out new ideas, or recreating scenarios from previous learning management systems along with the instructor and learning community

The choice is yours. Either way, you should accumulate new knowledge and skills in Canvas that will help you in your online courses.

  • Number: OL 2150
  • Category: Instructional Practice
  • Mode: Instructor-led
  • Duration: TBD