OL 1400: Integrative Thinking in Teaching & Learning

  • 09/06/2022 - 10/18/2022

This course provides current and future instructors with an introduction to integrative thinking, an essential element of Penn State’s General Education curriculum. Here at Penn State, we define integrative thinking as “the ability to synthesize knowledge across multiple domains, modes of inquiry, historical periods, and perspectives, as well as the ability to identify linkages between existing knowledge and new information.” Outside of Penn State, integrative thinking is closely associated with both interdisciplinary and integrated learning, both of which have been identified by leading scholars as essential elements for higher education everywhere.

Drawing upon the latest research on evidence-based practice, participants in the course will:

  • hear from Penn State faculty and students about what it is like to teach and learn using integrative thinking
  • develop pedagogical skills and tools to foster integrative thinking with current or future students
  • collaborate with peers in thinking and working across disciplines
  • apply lessons to current or future course(s)
  • create integrative thinking materials for current or future course(s)
  • Number: OL 1400
  • Category: Faculty Development
  • Mode: Facilitated
  • Duration: 5 weeks
  • Time Commitment: 8–10 hours