OL 1100: Conducting Research with your Online Students

  • 07/04/2017 - 07/08/2017

The focus of this course is on creating research experiences for your online students. Upon completion of this course, you should be able to guide your online students in varied research-related activities, such as conducting a literature review, writing a research proposal, completing a research project, or contributing to a research project you are involved in. You will plan research activities based on a needs analysis of your students in your learning context. In other words, you will design a personalized plan that suits you and your online students during the orientation module.

This course takes a personalized approach so you can customize the specifics of the content to meet your individual needs. In the orientation, we will do some brainstorming to create a personal learning path, so feel free to preview the course content, including the additional resources.

  • Number: OL 1100
  • Category: Professional Practice
  • Mode: Instructor-led
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Time Commitment: 3-5 hours/week