All Courses

Courses are offered throughout the year. For planning purposes, this page lists all courses and the months during which they are typically available.

OL 1200: Student Support and Advocacy in Online LearningOffered: February, June, August, November

OL 1400: Integrative Thinking in Teaching & Learning
Offered: September, October

OL 2000: Essentials of Online TeachingOffered: February, April, June, August, October, November

OL 2050: Essentials of Online Teaching for Graduate StudentOffered: May, September

OL 2100: Introduction to CanvasOffered: February, April, June, October

OL 2150 Canvas Hands OnOffered: September

OL 2200: Assessment of Online LearnersOffered: May, August, November

OL 2300: Teamwork in Online Teaching and LearningOffered: February, May, August

OL 2400 Integrating the Library into your Online CourseOffered: June

OL 2600: Accessible Online Course AuthoringOffered: February, April, July, October 

OL 3000: Supporting Accommodations for Online LearnersOffered: March, May, July, September, November

OL 3100: Teaching the Adult LearnerOffered: April, October

OL 3200: Serving the Military and Veteran StudentOffered: March, July, December 

OL 3300: Teaching the International StudentOffered: July, October 

OL 3400: Online Course DesignOffered: May, November

OL 3500: Gamification in Online Teaching and LearningOffered: March

OL 3600: Universal Design for LearningOffered: October

OL 3800: Excellence in Academic Advising Offered: March, September, November

OL 3825: Excellence in Academic Advising: Under-Resourced Students, Part IOffered: February, August

OL 3850: Excellence in Academic Advising: Under-Resources Students, Part IIOffered: April, October

OL 3875: Excellence in Academic Advising: Career AdvisingOffered: November