OL 2000.01 Essentials of Online Teaching, Aug2024

  • 08/05/2024 - 09/09/2024

OL 2000 covers techniques and theories designed to help you feel more comfortable and confident in the online classroom. Even if you don’t have online teaching experience, you probably have teaching experiences you can transfer to the online learning environment. Participants who have experience teaching online will share tips and tricks with new online instructors, enriching the learning experience for everyone. Topics include the online learner, the learning environment, instructional strategies, giving feedback, and teaching as a professional practice.

Course Objectives

After taking this course, you should be able to do the following:

  • Develop engagement and communication strategies for online students.
  • Consider the different learners in the online environment when planning instruction.
  • Create and facilitate effective online discussions.
  • Apply knowledge of general learning theory and cognitive processes to online assignments.
  • Create online assignments that promote higher order thinking.
  • Develop feedback and communication strategies and procedures for effective online relationship-building.
  • Demonstrate reflective engagement about your teaching practices so that you can problem-solve and strategize how to handle course issues.
  • Evaluate and consider various online assessment strategies.
  • Number: OL 2000.01
  • Category:
  • Mode: Instructor Led
  • Duration: 5 Weeks
  • Time Commitment: 3-5 hours/week