The following is the current list of webinars we are planning for the 2017 calendar year. Some dates and titles are subject to change so check back. Registration for these will be available soon. You can register with the Register for Courses button on the top-right of this page.

All Webinars will be broadcast using Zoom unless otherwise noted. For more information on Zoom and how to get set up prior to the Webinar, please check the Zoom pilot page for more information! You will log-in with your Penn State Webaccess username and password. A small app will install in your computer and you will ready to go. You can also join in via IOS or Android app!

February 15 – WEB3510: Gamification in Online Teaching & Learning

Level up! New Achievement Unlocked! Are you ready to proceed? Games have driven the way that kids grow up with technology. Using game elements has become more pervasive in everything from earning coupons at Target to awards for exercise on apps like Runkeeper. These strategies promote participation, motivation, and community building. But what does it look like when we begin to work these strategies into teaching? This webinar will explore basic concepts in gamification and look at a few examples for how gaming strategies can be of value to online teaching and course design.

Brett Bixler, Lead Instructional Designer, ITS Training Services

Nikki Massaro-Kauffman, Multimedia Specialist, World Campus Learning Design

Andrew Tatusko, Assistant Director, Online Faculty Development

March 15 – WEB1040: An Introduction to Media and Maker Commons

We invite you to join us to learn more about Penn State Media Commons and Maker Commons: our services, our support structure, and how we can facilitate you and your classes. We support everything from creation of video and audio projects to printing 3D models to cutting edge technologies like 360 video.

Presented by:

Carla Seward, Media Commons Campus Consultant, Eastern Campuses

Markus Fürer, Media Commons and Maker Commons Coordinator, University Park

Ryan Wetzel, Manager, Creative Learning Initiatives, TLT

April 26 – WEB1150: Conducting Research with your Online Students

This webinar will explore working with online students as research assistants and in the online or blended classroom. We will discuss getting creative so that you can conduct your research in an online environment. Ideas are directed towards working with online undergraduates, but many of the ideas and techniques will translate to online graduate students as well. In particular, we will briefly introduce: the need for research with online students, introduction to online students, communicating and mentoring online students, techniques and methodologies that work online for research.

Presented by:

Dr. Paula Bigatel, Instructional Designer

Dr. Brian Redmond, Director Organizational Leadership

May 17 – WEB3310: Teaching the International Student **time change 10-11 a.m. ET

As the demographics of the online learner increasingly include International students, it’s important that online faculty develop cross-cultural awareness in course design and instruction. This webinar will discuss components of cross-cultural awareness and suggest strategies for online instructors to increase their understanding of and effectiveness with international students.

Presented by: Dr. Gerry Le Tendre & Dr. Larry Boggess

August 16 – WEB2060: Supporting the New Online Instructor

September 20 – WEB1015: Using Library Resources in Online Teaching

October 18 – WEB1025: Students in Crisis / Student Mental Health Resources

November 15 – TBD










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