The Teaching Learning Cycle

[Adapted from: Assessing Student Learning by L. Suskie]

OL 2900: Assessment of Online Learners is a four-week instructor-led online course designed to help faculty effectively assess their online learners. This course deals with such topics as what assessment is, principles of good practice for assessing student learning, varying assessment strategies, developing rubrics, using student evaluation data, and dealing with issues concerning cheating and plagiarism. As a cohort, we will actively engage in online discussions and activities where you will apply effective assessment techniques and evaluate ways to use assessment results to improve teaching and learning. At the same time, we will be using tools in the ANGEL LMS to create assessments and surveys. After completing OL 2900 instructors will have a framework for:

  • Engaging students in on-going assessment activities to improve learning outcomes
  • Varying assessment strategies to more accurately evaluate learning
  • Using assessment data to improve teaching and learning
  • Leveraging technology to assess and promote learning

The next offering will begin July 6.

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