Online teaching badgeThe World Campus Graduate Student Online Teaching Certificate Program will begin in May 2017. This training is designed to help graduate students improve their online teaching at Penn State and in future positions in higher education. Additionally, the certificate will enhance your competitiveness in the job market.

To earn the certificate, you must complete several assignments designed into three required components: 1) an online course OL 2050, 2) a live webinar, and 3) an online course evaluation.

Here is more information about each component:

1. Required Coursework. OL 2050: “Essentials of Online Teaching for Graduate Students” starts on May 15, 2017 and runs five consecutive weeks. You can expect to spend approximately 3 hours per week working through the content. This course is taught through the learning management system. Designed to introduce you to the essentials of online teaching and learning, this course is “asynchronous,” which means that, while there will be assignments due at specific times during each week, you can log on and learn any time. As such, OL 2050 will look and feel very much like a typical World Campus course. If you don’t think you will be teaching through World Campus but through some other online delivery method, at least you will see one example of a digital learning environment. We will create multiple sections of the course, each taught by an experienced online faculty instructor. A required course evaluation follows the final week.

2. Required Live Webinar. This live 75-minute webinar is designed to complement OL 2050. We will run this webinar several times during the fall, dates to be announced. You are required to attend and participate in one, including completing a specific assignment. The webinars will present information and offer a chance to engage in a live forum and discussion with other graduate students in the program.

3. Required Online Course Evaluation. An online program evaluation will help us know how to improve the program and and better serve Penn State’s graduate students.

We will also be conducting a research study during this pilot program. Additional details will be announced.

Registration for the Spring 2017 session is now closed.

Look for announcements about our next offering in September 2017.



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