On Wednesday April 22nd, our faculty development unit invited participants to attend a webinar on motivation. We had a guest panel consisting of two faculty members, Dr. Brian Redmond (Psychology, University Park) and Lisa Bertin, MBA (IST, Shenango) and one undergraduate student, Paulina Erices (online psychology program) that provided us with their insights and experiences with motivational strategies.

Paulina gave us such great feedback on what motivated her or de-motivated her in the courses she took. For example, she felt for the most part faculty motivated her by allowing her choice in topics for her projects and assignments. Furthermore, she felt there were a variety of ways that she could demonstrate her understanding of course content. What de-motivated her was being constrained in her learning approaches and not having her opinions heard/respected. We spent some time on motivational theories and models and how they could be translated into online classroom practices.

During the rest of the webinar the guest faculty discussed multiple motivational practices they found successful for them. If you are interested in viewing the webinar, here is the recording link:


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