This could be a really interesting way to enhance online teaching presence in an online course.

Meerkat — an app that lets you live-stream whatever you want over your Twitter account.

The app is easy enough to navigate, and a breeze to set up. So if you want to share your spot at the concert or want to tune into someone else’s broadcast, you can do it with very little instruction. Meerkat: An app that lets you live-stream whatever you want over Twitter – The Washington Post.

Meerkat streaming app.


However, there have been reported issues with Meerkat’s links breaking. It is still a very new app that was developed in only 8 weeks, so users will have to give it some time to work out kinks and improve. If you try Meerkat, have this issue, and don’t want to stick around for the kinds to work out, why not try Periscope?

Like Meerkat, it allows you to broadcast whatever you’re doing — whether it’s breaking news or making breakfast — live, through video, with a couple of taps. Unlike Meerkat, Periscope can save streams so that you can replay them later. It turns out to be Periscope’s killer feature — and the main reason that it’s likely to become my live-streaming platform of choice.

Scrfeenshot of the Periscope streaming app.


Stream wisely, my friends.

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