From the News Wire:

“This is the best time in human history to be a learner,” said (Bryan) Alexander, who also compiles the monthly newsletter Future Trends in Technology and Education. “It’s also one of the most challenging times in recent history to be a teacher.”

This year’s Faculty Convocation is the fourth annual for the event, which is supported by World Campus to offer resources and training to its online teaching community. Registration is free.

Sessions consist of workshops for using Penn State Web tools such as Box, Sites and screen-casting for online videos. Other sessions will explore contemporary faculty topics, such as student conduct and student research.

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One Response to Convocation in the News

  1. Robert Wahl says:

    I had a great time and learned even more at the Convocation on Friday! This is my third year and it has helped me as I have recently moved into teaching in the online environment. I also appreciated moving it to earlier on in the fall as opposed to November when classes are really busy1

    One suggestion I would have is to either have the all of the presenter’s power point presentations available placed on the convocation page in a common place so that all attendees could go and review them. That would also not have the presenters possibly having to answer several individual emails asking for their presentations.

    Thanks again for a great time!

    Rob Wahl
    Sociology and Criminology