question markWith the new Schedule, Course Numbering System, and Certificate Scheme, you might have a few questions about what has changed and what to do especially if you have already completed course work or have completed the Certificate for Online Teaching that Faculty Development offered from 2012-2016. The following clarifies a few more common questions we have fielded since launching the new program at the start of the Fall 2016 semester. If you have questions that are not addressed here, please feel free to Connect with Us!

I completed the old Certificate for Online Teaching. Do I have to now retake those courses?

No. The Certificate you earned is still completely valid! However, with the new curriculum structure and sequence, there are new pathways to build on what you have learned in the past. Previously, courses such as the Adult Learner or Course Authoring did not apply to any certificate. Now they do. Take a look at how to progress through the new certificates so that we can help you progress through your online teaching professional development and earn credit for your work!

I completed the old OL 2000, but not OL 2700: Online Presence. But I do not see OL 2700 offered any more. What should I do?

OL 2700 went away and merged with a complete redesign of OL 2000. The course is now more robust, content rich, and focused with its activities to practice principles in online teaching. There are two options for you. You may take the new OL 2000 which is a 5 week course. Or you can Connect with Us to explore a self-directed option we have available to keep the credit you earned for OL 2000 and complete the credit for OL 2700.

Will the new Course Schedule be the same every year?

Yes. The Schedule as it is presented is designed to repeat every year. However, given that it is currently in its first year, Faculty Development will assess how it is working and serving the needs of the Penn State online faculty community and make adjustments as needed. We will open new sections on an as needed basis.

What are the Teaching Practicum, Teaching Supervision Apprentice, and Teaching Supervision Refresher courses?

These are all new options designed to focus on teaching practice on a more one-on-one basis throughout one’s teaching career. When you teach an OL course with us, you become part of a Teaching Practicum community. This is not only to help facilitate communication between all OL teaching faculty, but will also have a teaching evaluation component where OL faculty can use their OL teaching experience to further their online teaching development and goals. Teaching Supervision Apprentices will be those who have completed the Graduate Online Teaching Certificate and wish to further their development by partnering with experienced OL teachers during the running of an OL course. They partner with OL faculty to practice specific teaching behaviors in an OL course in order to gain more live teaching experience. The Teaching Supervision Refresher is designed for faculty who may have been teaching online for a while, but have hd a long lapse between development opportunities and wish to work on professional development goals. Like the Apprentice program, they partner with current OL faculty to work on their specific goals. This is also good way to identify further development and training opportunities.

Do the Webinars you offer count for Certificate or development credit?

Yes. As you work your way through the content area Certificates, you will also earn credit through progress levels. Webinars count towards your progress through the programs towards Online Teaching Expertise. Faculty Development recognizes and credentials all of its program offerings! The more you complete, the more credentials you can achieve.