finger on a touchscreenOnline Faculty Development is always looking for Penn State faculty who have demonstrated excellence in online teaching to instruct OL courses and work with us on other opportunities such as webinars as our program evolves and grows year on year.

OL instructors are a critical part of our mission to support online faculty throughout their careers. Here’s why: faculty in OL courses will be looking to see if the teaching reflects what they are learning. If they learn from the best, and they embrace the skills and understandings in the course content, we’ve done a great service to them and their online students. In short, OL instructors exemplify the competencies the courses seek to teach.

If you are wondering how to begin the process and work with our team, start by reviewing the OL Instructor Handbook to see if this is something that you are interested in doing. We will let you know what opportunities we have available and work on finding a place for you to work with us pending a review.

At the end of the Handbook you will find a link that 1) confirms your willingness to follow these guidelines, meet the expectations, and fulfill your responsibilities as an OL instructor and 2) asks for demographic information for our records.

Thank you so much for your interest in teaching for us.

Questions? Connect with us.

And that’s it!

2 Responses to Be an OL Instructor

  1. HULYA N. YILMAZ says:

    Dear Dr. Boggess,

    I am a full-time Penn State faculty (Ph.D.), writing to go on record as an utterly enthusiastic candidate for an OL Course Instructor position in the nearest deadline you have. While I have taught WC courses in SP15, FA15 and SP16, and will be teaching one in this semester – FA16 as well, I haven’t taken any OL courses during my long teaching tenure. I have listened to my hesitation not to submit an application for the said position at this time only because I have not yet completed OL 2000 or any other OL courses. Accordingly, at the present I do not fulfill each one of the required qualifications but am strongly interested to make an application as soon as I have taken the desired OL course. In the meantime, though, I would very much appreciate any input you may be willing to give me.

    With my thanks, best wishes and sincerely,

    hülya n. yılmaz (Ph.D.)
    School of Global Languages, Literatures and Cultures
    The Pennsylvania State University (UP)
    427 Burrowes Building
    (814) 863-7489, Direct Line

  2. ADDENDUM to my previous E-mail:

    My apology for not providing you with a Website. The departmental link you see here is one of my several online platforms on which concrete information including my professional background can be found, while all of them are in need of an update.


    hülya n. yılmaz (please see previous E-mail for contact details)

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