Mission, Vision, and Principles

The World Campus Faculty Development initiative addresses the resources, services and systems necessary to ensure the success of faculty participating in the delivery of World Campus courses and programs. Resources, services and systems created for this purpose may also benefit other faculty, instructors and staff at Penn State.

The following pages define the breadth and depth of issues around providing these services as well as create a history of activity. The direction and focus for the WC faculty development initiative will evolve around three main themes: 1) building and sustaining a faculty community of practice, 2) creating a faculty development information data management system, and 3) designing and delivering a suite of faculty development programming opportunities.

For additional information and/or to comment or respond to information on this site please feel free to post a comment or emailĀ Faculty Development.

Faculty Development Vision

Faculty Development will serve the professional development needs of individuals participating in the role of online instructor or course author of World Campus programming.

Faculty Development Mission

To support the success of World Campus faculty by providing the range of professional development services that necessary to achieve excellence in online teaching and learning.

Faculty Development Guiding Principles

  • Understand and respond to the professional development needs of individuals serving in the role of World Campus author or instructor.
  • Provide a range of professional development opportunities to address the needs of World Campus authors and instructors in order to ensure their success and achieve excellence in online teaching and learning.
  • Establish and maintain a professional community of practice for individuals seeking excellence in online teaching and learning.